Category: Progress Images

26 May 2010

Stonemason have now started to fix the string course on top of the shield course.
21 May 2010

Work on course 5 is underway as the shield quoins are lowered into position.
19 May 2010

The main bowl is put into position and work has started on the water feed.
12 May 2010

The stonemasons have now started fixing the second course.
6 May 2010

Work is progressing on the steps and the all important positioning of stone 107.
27 April 2010

Work is progressing on the first course of the steps and subsurface brickwork
15 April 2010

Work has now started on site at the east end of Carter Lane. The concrete footings have been laid and scaffolding is being erected.
9 March 2010

Stonemasons working on Zone 4 main gablet of the fountain
9 February 2010

Work continues on repairing the weathered fountain stones as old meets new.