The Design

A description of the fountain published in The Builder, 16 June 1866, describes the memorial as in ‘the Pointed style or architecture which prevailed in Italy during the fourteenth century’. The memorial was 32 feet (around 9.5 metres) tall and nine feet (around 2.7 metres) square at its base, set upon two steps, with the principle font plinth curved around the basin. Divided approximately in half, the lower bulk was of Portland stone and framed the fountain, styled as a bronze basso-relief of Moses striking the Rock, which dispensed water into the bowl. Above, polished granite shafts support a canopy structure with statues of the patrons saints of the churches on the east and west sides. On the north and west sides were white marble slabs engraved with the names of the past benefactors, beginning with a Thomas de Kellseye in 1375 and ending with Mrs Anne Saville in 1765.

Engraving published by The Builder, 1866